5094 William Penn Hwy. Alexandria, PA. 16611  (814) 669-9094

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Our Story

Unlike restaurants that are built on site, classic diners were manufactured then transported to a particular location.  Sometimes they were moved a time or two.

But Diner 22 is well traveled even among diners.  Curiously, its latest and longest location in Alexandria, PA occurred by chance.

Originally built in 1919 as a railroad mail car, this diner rode the rails of the East Broad Top Railroad.  Following its conversion to a diner, the eatery was situated first in Huntingdon, then across the Juniata River in Smithfield.

In 1946, the owner decided to move the diner to Alexandria, along the then new U.S. Route 22.  As the diner neared its destination a strange thing happened.  The diner became unhooked and started to fall from the truck.  So the owner placed the diner right on that spot and opened the doors for business.

That was 68 years ago and the diner is still cooking.  Diner 22 has been family owned and operated for the past 44 years.  The picture above is three generations of owners.  Agnes Bilich, grandmother, Gloria Wilt, mother and Ed Wilt, son and current owner.

Diner 22 is a special place, unlike most other restaurants.  It is a place where everyone knows your name, you can sit with your friends to laugh and share memories while eating a home cooked meal made from scratch.  

This picture was taken of Diner 22 in 1946 on the day it was placed at its current location.